About me

Abigail Lutzen is a classically trained visual artist living and working on Gadigal land (Bronte). She was born in Uruguay migrating to Australia for the second time in 2003. Lutzen considers there to be three fundamental elements to her art: theme, the use of the Golden Ratio, and colour. Through her work, Abigail seeks to tell stories about the world around her, with a particular interest in advocating for social justice. The artist uses the Golden Ratio as a compositional method to construct her paintings. The geometric relationship allows her to highlight points of interest and achieve balance within her work. Colour is the element that gives her paintings strength. Lutzen uses colour as a symbol to create mood and movement in her work, evoking emotion in the viewer.


Abigail began her studies at 19, first at the UTU (Labour University of Uruguay) continuing her education at Bellas Artes, National Art School (University of the Republic) Montevideo, Uruguay. She has exhibited her work in various art exhibitions including, ‘The Other Art Fair’ and ‘Wonderland Art Festival’. In 2021, Abigail held her fist solo show, ‘Womanity’ at the Corner Gallery, in Sydney. In 2020, amid the challenges of the Covid era, she initiated a series of linocut prints to share joy and beauty with people. Since then, she had been showcasing and selling linocut prints at art shows and markets, expressing the deep love she hold for this land, its people, and its nature.