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Motherhood Expedition - Limited Edition Handprinted Linocut

Motherhood Expedition - Limited Edition Handprinted Linocut

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"Motherhood Expedition" symbolises the dynamic journey of motherhood, portraying it as a transformative adventure filled with challenges, joys, and personal growth. It acknowledges the diverse experiences of mothers, from pregnancy to raising and nurturing children through various stages of life. Similarly, whale motherhood reflects these aspects within the marine realm, highlighting the strong maternal bond, nurturing behaviours, teaching, and protection exhibited by whale mothers toward their calves.

  • Handprinted Limited Edition: 30 prints, each signed and numbered. 
  • Materials: Eco-friendly pigments and linseed oil ink, crafted on Fabriano cotton paper. 
  • Paper Size: 14.5 x 21 cm 
  • Image Size: 11.5 x 19 cm 

Please note:

- Due to the nature of limited edition prints, the print number you receive may differ from the image one.
- Colours may vary slightly due to differences in monitor settings.

This is not a digitally reproduced art print. Linocut printing is a handmade process, see my Printmaking FAQ for more information. The artist retains copyright of this artwork. 

Commission work is available on request, please contact me to discuss further details.

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